News from the Perspective of David Berkowitz, Chicago Resident and Movie Lover

Hi! I am David Berkowitz. Chicago is my hometown; it has been since the day I was born and it will likely always be my hometown. Like many Chicagoans, I love this city with a passion. There is only one thing I love more than this beautiful town and that is movies. Anything to do with movie. Really, anything. Watching them, discussing them, reviewing them, recommending them, reading about what is coming up soon. If it is about movies, rest assured that I have my nose buried deep into it as well as having my finger on the pulse of it.

This page is an excellent place for you to visit to follow up on any movie news that I may find relevant or of interest to the average fan. It is also a good spot for the more dedicated film aficionados to dive a little bit deeper into some of the less usual news. If there is one thing I love about movies, it is digging up the latest dirt on talks of new releases, as well as which actors are considering what parts in other films that are still in the initial stages of development.

Some of the most intriguing movie news are the rumors that seem to constantly run rampant inside and outside of the industry and studios behind some of the biggest films. In this crazy and madcap world of fantasy, it is nearly impossible to discover what antics have been deliberately staged in order to garner attention as compared to mishaps that make the news through a chance picture or encounter with a celebrity out on the town for an evening.

Be sure to bookmark this page and website to return regularly. Remember, I am David Berkowitz of Chicago and I am here to keep you informed!