The David Berkowitz of Chicago New Movie Tip

Hi movie fans! David Berkowitz from Chicago is reporting in on the newest and most exciting new movies that are expected to be released soon. For this round, I have a special recommendation that I think will be the sleeper hit of the season. The name of the film is Genius and it documents the life of the famed writer of the early 20th century, Thomas Wolfe.

Starring Jude Law as the towering genius (and who in real life is a good foot shorter than Mr. Wolfe was), Colin Firth as his editor Maxwell Perkins, and Nicole Kidman as his lover, Mrs. Aline Bernstein, this biographical drama is set in the 1920s. While it is never easy to portray the life of a writer on the big screen, particularly a writer such as Wolfe, whose propensity for producing reams of handwritten stories and prose was legendary and whose work has never successfully translated to film, the intentions and effort are praiseworthy to say the least.

Of course, it will be impossible to toe the line and deliver an honest biography of one of America’s greatest writer. After all, this is a Hollywood production, so the need to tell the truth is clearly outweighed by the need to sell box office tickets. In all likelihood, this film will quickly run the theatrical circuit before it is relegated to a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime, as well as being able to be picked up through a Redbox.

However, for a film buff like me, I have added it to my watch list for this coming season. I personally like the actors involved in this project and am quite curious to see what type of chemistry will boil up between the three main actors. I also believe the storyline is compelling and interesting; for the movie lover that appreciates outstanding drama, this movie has the potential to deliver the goods.

This is David Berkowitz from Chicago signing off for now. I hope to provide more movie reviews for you very soon!