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Hello and welcome to my blog page. I am David Berkowitz, Chicago resident and avid movie fan. If two things have affected my life forever, it would be cinema and living in the Windy City of Chicago. While there is plenty to talk about concerning Chicago, this blog will be focusing on the world of film and cinematography. As a fellow movie fan, I am certain that you will get great value and information from this website.

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I have thought about the various ways of offering blog posts concerning movies. In addition to discussing specific films, there are directors, actors, writers, producers, and many others involved in the world of filmmaking that can be explored and talked about. There are also many genres and many crossover genres that incorporate several genres into a whole new look and feel. For example, the hit movie Zombieland successfully mixed up zombie horror with hilarious comedic scenes and storyline to produce a work that developed into an almost cult following.

Sometimes I will wax philosophically about the impact of movies in our life and world. While we tend to think of movies as a way to escape from realities, movies can also be catalysts for real and important change in our world. No matter how controversial the topic may be for many, few people can deny that the documentary film An Uncomfortable Truth by former Vice President Al Gore opened many conversations concerning global warming and the possible consequences.

As can be seen, movies color and affect our life, sometimes directly and immediately and at other time more subtly and rather circuitously. Regardless, there is no denying that movies are a very important part of our lives in these modern times. I am here to remind us all of this importance and necessity.

This is David Berkowitz saying good night for now. Please be sure to look for more to come in the near future.