David Berkowitz of Chicago: What to Get a Movie Lover for Christmas

For those who are movie buffs, you likely have other movie buffs in your life. You know, the kinds who have a movie quote for every life situation, and who don’t care who rolls their eyes when they utter them. This Christmas season is the perfect time to give them gifts they can truly appreciate, according to movie aficionado David Berkowitz of Chicago. Here are a couple of gift ideas your movie-loving friends will likely still be talking about months later.

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Even movie lovers have heard of Alfred Hitchcock — after all, he is a cinematic master. So, it only makes sense to give the movie fan in your life an Alfred Hitchcock set containing 15 films along with 10 television episodes. Your friend or family member will also enjoy 15 hours worth of bonus content, along with a snazzy mini-book that can serve as a collectible. The movie classics included in this compilation include the likes of Vertigo, Rear Window, The Birds, and Psycho. With this set, your loved one will enjoy a snapshot of arguably the greatest genius in cinema’s history.

If your loved one not only enjoys watching excellent films but also making them, why not gift him or her with a MasterClass. This gift is excellent for those who wish to discover more about film scoring, acting, or screenwriting. Plans were recently in place to also add teachers such as Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese, Samuel L. Jackson, and Helen Mirren to the current list of instructors, including Werner Herzog, Hans Zimmer, Dustin Hoffman, and Aaron Sorkin. Another major perk of this product is that your gift recipient could even take advantage of a season pass to delve into everything available through the online school.

Either the Alfred Hitchcock or the MasterClass gift option is your ticket to giving your loved one a blockbuster of a Christmas this year.