David Berkowitz of Chicago: Go Cuckoo for Coco

If you feel that Pixar Animation Studios has declined since Disney acquired it, you’re not alone. But there is a sliver of hope, and it’s called Coco. This film is one of the best movies that Pixar has produced in years, according to movie guru David Berkowitz of Chicago. You better savor it like a piece of Christmas chocolate because it may be a while before Santa delivers another yummy treat from Pixar.

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Even though Pixar has not publicly discussed its philosophy when it comes to cinematography, it’s clear that its focus has moved away from innovation to incorporation — or, in other words, what is good for business and the bottom line. In past years, it seems that Pixar has rolled out an original movie followed by a few safe, profitable sequels that are perfect merchandise themes.

But we’ve finally gotten away from the stale, predictable likes of Cars 3 and Finding Dory to enjoy a breath of fresh air in Coco — a story about a Mexican boy, age 12, who dreams of becoming a musician but is banned from doing so by the family after his great-great-grandmother’s musician husband abandoned the woman. However, he refuses to join the family shoemaking business and embarks on a wild journey to make his dream a reality.

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The storyline isn’t particularly innovative, but it is told in a witty way. The film will keep you laughing in addition to keeping you on the edge of your seat with reversals and twists. The ending is predictable, but it’s heartwarming and will lift your spirits.

Aside from the storyline, the film stands out with its captivating visuals thanks to a potpourri of vibrant oranges, blues, greens, and yellows. In addition, the film successfully engages yet another one of your five senses: your hearing; in fact, it is one of Pixar’s most musical features. Rest assured that this film will feel like an early Christmas present that’s right on time.