David Berkowitz Chicago: About Me

Hello. I am David Berkowitz from Chicago and I would like to tell you a little bit about me. I am a lifetime resident of Chicago and love everything about this city, even the tough winter weather conditions! While my love of Chicago is great, I have an even greater love in life and that is cinema. Anything related to movies, films, and the people involved in the creation of such works fascinates me and holds my interest.

I love all kinds of movies and I even sometimes love movies that are horribly filmed and acted, but are done with so much campiness that they become unforgettable and lovable bad movies. I have honestly been thinking about building a special list of terrible movies that any true movie buff must see at least once in their lifetime. I have a feeling that such a list would generate a lot of interest as well as a lot of replies offering other “must see” terrible movies.

Meanwhile, I will hunker down here and spend my time talking about movies and my recommendations and ratings. Some films I will review will be lesser known works that did not get much exposure and soon ended up on DVDs before it could get any decent reviews. Amongst this group, every once in a while a real treasure seems to crop up that is worth adding to your own list of movies to see at least once.

I will also use this online venue as a place to talk about creating the perfect home movie theater environment. I must admit that nothing beats a classic movie theater, but having a spot to get buried in a great movie inside your own home is certainly worth the effort and investment. I also look forward to offering you the best ideas and tips for staying abreast of the latest movie developments and releases. This is David Berkowitz saying goodbye for now; talk to you real soon again.