Meet David Berkowitz from Chicago

Hello everybody! I am David Berkowitz of Chicago and I have created this website as a celebration of my love of cinema. When it comes to movies, you will catch my interest each and every time. For me, the entire process of watching a film in a movie theater is both meaningful and important to me. While it is certainly easier to stay at home and flip on a movie from a DVD player or from a streaming service that I can pause at will, by attending a movie theater I find that I really can immerse myself into the film in a way that I cannot in my own home. I have even built myself a wonderful home movie theater set up, but I never feel like I fully escape from life and reality when I hear the phone or doorbell ring in the background, or the dogs in the neighborhood start a barking contest. I guess in that sense you can call me a purist when it comes to watching a film.

However, watching movies is more than a form of entertainment for me. This is an important area of art that offers both the creator and the audience the opportunity to become immersed in an entirely different and fascinating world. Viewers the world over, year in and year out, are affected by movies. We go to a movie with the highest hopes of experiencing fear, excitement, anger, and even love. A movie that has been carefully crafted, expertly directed, and professionally acted is an experience that is unforgettable and can haunt the viewer for days or weeks after viewing. That is the power of the film and the people behind the production of great art. Follow me on my lifelong journey to discover, experience, and simply enjoy the fantastic and fascinating world of the cinema!